Monday, 12 January 2015


Chikku kolams:

          Chikku kolam is a style of drawing kolam usually drawn only by the people of  Tamil Nadu.  ‘Chikku’ means tangle in Tamil language.  The tangled design made with a dotted grid pattern is in other words called as Chikku kolam.  It is also called as ‘Neli kolam’, ‘Neli’ meaning  curve.  Curved lines are drawn around the dots to form a design.  Usually a Chikku kolam starts from the outer side and moves towards the center.  Whereas, a freehand kolam starts from the centre and moves towards the outer side.  In a chikku kolam, the dots are not connected to each other, instead, lines are drawn around the dots to form a pattern.
           A Small chikku kolam can be extended into a big chikku kolam by adding  the same  dot pattern  in  multiples. Click here to view one such pattern.

          Women of Tamilnadu take it as a challenge to draw a big kolam during the month of  Margazhi which would cover the entire width of the road.   

   15-1 straight dots with some freehand extensions

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