Sunday, 27 December 2015


What is Tatting?

     Tatting is a type of knotted lace work made by hand using a shuttle. Tatting is used to make lace edgings, dress collars, jewellery items like earrings, bracelets and necklaces, doilies and many other decorative articles.  The lace pattern is formed by making knots called as double stitches over a durable thread with the help of the shuttle.  Space is left between the doubles stitches to form a loop or picots.  These picots are the connectors of the entire pattern.  

       The shuttle used for tatting is normally less than 3 inches in size and holds a length of wound thread with a point or hook on one end.  This hook helps in guiding the thread through the picots made in between the double stiches to form a lace pattern as shown in the picture below. 


     Tatted lace edgings are used on table cloths, hand towels, pillow covers, cushion covers and so on. Tatting is also used to make beautiful motifs of different shapes and sizes. These motifs are attached on sarees, kurties and other dresses which gives a great look.    

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