Sunday, 31 January 2016


Quilling multi colour jhumkas made out of paper strips:

Step 1:
     Take paper strips of different colours of your choice and glue them together to form a long multicolour strip.  
Step 2:
     Using a Slotted quilling tool start quilling the multicoloured strip to form a tight coil.  Remove the coil from the quilling tool and glue the edge to secure the coil.  
Step 3:
    Then place the coil on a 3-dimensional shaping tool called a Mini mold  and gently press the coil to form a perfect dome shape. 
You can also use your fingers to make the dome structure.  Apply glue on the inner side of the dome to secure the dome shape.  Now the jhumka shape is ready.
Step 4:
     Insert an eye pin from the bottom of the jhumka dome.  Insert a jhumka cap of your choice on top and make a small loop using a plier.   
Step 5:
     Attach a hook on the loop.  Your paper quilled jhumka is ready. 
Repeat the steps for the other jhumka.

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