Monday, 1 February 2016


Paper Quilling Jhumkas:

     Quilling is an easy and funfilled art.  It is an art of rolling, shaping and gluing coloured paper strips to form a design for a decorative piece.  Paper strips are rolled to form a coil and then the coil is pinched to form shapes and glued together to form various designs. We can make jewellery of different types starting from small earstuds to large jhumkas.  Not only jewellery, decorative articles like flowers, wall hangings, greeting cards, miniatures, boxes, pictures and a lot more can be made with these quilling designs.  Different sizes of paper strips are used to make different articles.
      Quilling became popular due to its low cost  and moreover, it is eco-friendly as it is made out of paper.  Due to the simple techniques involved in it quilling can be made by people of all age group. Quilling involves the use of different tools like slotted quilling tool, crimper tool, quilling coach, quilling comb, quilling mould, quilling foam board, tweezer, etc.                

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